All Saints On Calvary Hill Anglican Church Prepares for Faith Alive in January 2024

Under the theme, “A Renewal of Faith, Family and Church”, All Saints Anglican Church is forging ahead with plans for its Faith Alive weekend, 26th -28th January 2024, at the church. Father Bradley Miller, Rector of All Saints, admonished committee members during a training workshop for the weekend in October: “Let us not become weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap if we faint not”. (Galatians 6:9) “God has a strange sense of humour and is working His plan out, and we should not become discouraged or despondent” in our efforts to host Faith Alive, Father Miller stated. He urged the team to continue to work, promote the weekend and be enthused as God is working His purpose out in the midst of chaos. The event was postponed twice and is now scheduled for January 2024.

National Coordinator of Faith Alive in The Bahamas and conductor of the workshop, Rodney Williams of The Church of The Most Holy Trinity, explained to participants that the goal of Faith Alive is to reach the entire Parish, unlike Discovery, which reaches 50 candidates or Cursillo that attracts about 30 people. The programme goes further to reach and draw in all members, even those on the church’s fringes. Mr. Williams told the workshop participants gathered that they are called to a weekend of purpose and that they should be mindful of Philippians 1:6, which states, “He who began a good work in you will bring to completion at the day of Jesus Christ”. He reminded the group that God had called them to serve and given them the gifts to build up His Kingdom, and they must always be willing to serve without excuses. He emphasized that the host church (All Saints) plans the weekend, and volunteers come in and take over so that parishioners can be ministered to. The weekend will start with a reception on 26th January 2024, where volunteers from throughout The Bahamas and the United States will be welcomed by All Saints.

On Saturday, 27th January, the parish will be divided into groups of 5-7 people based on where they reside. They will meet in members’ homes to pray, read scriptures and develop a plan of action to reach out to their communities. He highlighted that a significant component of the Faith Alive weekend is the Neighbourhood Groups (Coffee Groups), which will ultimately become cell groups.

After this fellowship, members returned to church for separate men’s and women’s luncheons. Coordinator Williams revealed that he intends to bring in a dynamic team to minister to the men. The visiting volunteers will be housed by parishioners, a practice that Mr. Williams encouraged since it has the potential to transform the lives of the host family. He recounted how the guests who lived with them converted a husband and wife, who were involved in the parliamentary affairs (but not the spiritual aspect) of the church where Faith Alive was held. The visitors prophesied, prayed, and studied the word with the family. Afterwards, their faith deepened, and they became heavily involved in evangelism in The Bahamas and globally.

Engaging and stimulating activities are planned for youth ages 3-19. Joshua Cartwright, chairman of the Teen Programme, revealed that the focus for the teen segment will be on helping this age group to navigate challenges they face at this juncture (namely peer pressure, drugs, sexual issues and self-worth). A nursery will be available to participants who require babysitting services. Field trips will also be incorporated into the youth activities.

The weekend’s final events are the Saturday evening closing reception, Sunday morning service, and a postmortem later in the afternoon. Considered to be the most important element of Faith Alive, the follow-up will require members to meet regularly in homes to build bonds and do community outreach. Through this exercise, it is anticipated that All Saints members would develop greater courage to pray for fellow parishioners and other people beyond their circle. They would also be inspired to perform charitable works and relieve burdens.

For more information or registration for the Faith Alive Weekend, interested members can contact the church at 242.392.7220.