The Rev’d. Angela Palacious

Hospital Chaplain

The Rev. Angela Bosfield Palacious, M.A., M.Div. Th.M., born in Nassau, was the first female Bahamian deacon (1999) and priest (2000) in the Anglican Diocese of The Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands. She studied in The Bahamas, Jamaica, England, Canada and the USA and holds a B.A. in English from Durham University England and a Master of Arts degree (in English from Concordia Univ. Montreal; Divinity and Theology, specializing in Pastoral Counselling from Princeton Theological Seminary), along with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (Homerton College, Cambridge, England) and a Certificate in Anglican Studies General Theological Seminary, New York).

PRESENTLY, Rev. Angela is the Anglican Hospital Chaplain and the Associate Priest at Christ Church Cathedral, Nassau, Bahamas. Her ministry also includes transformational speaking, counselling, spiritual direction and a communication ministry of daily videos, weekly podcasts, a weekly column in a daily newspaper, Religion Section. She is presently, Chairperson of the Diocesan Pastoral Care Committee, Chairperson of the Diocesan Family Violence Think Tank, Chairperson of the National Maritime Policy Implementation Committee, and Chairperson of the Teacher Morale Improvement Committee.

IN THE PAST, Rev. Angela was a primary teacher, a volunteer Guidance Counsellor for 3 years each, and a parish lay worker for 13 years. Since ordination, she served in Nassau as the Assistant Priest at St Mary the Virgin Church and St. Margaret’s Church, a short interim as Priest-in-Charge of Epiphany Church, and as the diocesan ministry coordinator (Diocese 2000 and Beyond) for 10 years.

She has served as Chaplain to the House of Assembly, a member of the College of the Bahamas Council, Public Hospitals Authority Ethics Committee, the National Women’s Advisory Council, the National Youth Council, the chairperson of the Residential Care Licensing Authority and a COVID- 19 Prayer Counsellor.

Rev. Angela has published several books of meditations (Christian Conch Salad, Staying Attached to the Vine, Is Your Anchor Holding? Praying for the Family, Sharing Our Stories of Encounters with God), daily devotionals (A Question a Day Part One--focusing on the Old Testament, A Question A Day Part Two–using the New Testament, A Blessing A Day: Meditations for Any and Every Day of the Year, Bitesize Blessings For Every Day. Her latest publication is Reflections a Day from Genesis to Revelation. They are all available from the author herself and she may be contacted at