COVID-19 Update from Bishop Boyd

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Please be advised that effective 1st May 2023, the following will ensue:

Holy Communion

Holy Communion will revert to two kinds, Body and Blood. Chalice bearers, as with the clergy administering the Body of Christ, MUST sanitize hands before and after administering Holy Communion. Always advise worshippers that persons who are not comfortable with the cup may continue to receive the Body of Christ only as this is receiving full Holy Communion.


Holy Water Stoups

Parishes may resume placing holy water in the stoups (or fonts) at the church doors. As they are receptacles of multiple contact, stoups should be emptied and cleaned after each Sunday service or after each large weekday service out of an abundance of caution.  Clergy should also ensure that when holy water is blessed the customary and requisite salt is added.  You may even add a little more salt for good measure and for safety.


Greeting of Peace

Worshippers may be encouraged to resume shaking hands and hugging at the Greeting of Peace, as they are comfortable. Those who do not wish any physical contact may continue to share the peace with the waving of a hand, a bow, the bump of a fist or some other appropriate gesture.


Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism may be returned to during the liturgy if you are so-minded. As infants are more delicate than adults I would favour allowing baptisms to remain private for the time being to allow for a smaller and more intimate gathering. However, clergy may make that call.


Hand Sanitization

Worshippers must continue to sanitize their hands upon entering the church and as they approach Holy Communion.


Viewing of Bodies at Funerals

Parishes may return to allowing the viewing of bodies in the church building before funeral services.


PLEASE NOTE: Covid-19 is still a reality in our world.  The Church, as a responsible organization, must remain vigilant and cautious, willing to pay attention to any restrictions that may be necessary in the future, but also willing to approach and maintain normalcy to the best of her ability.

Let us play it safe.


Yours in Christ,

The Rt. Rev’d. Laish Boyd

BISHOP OF THE BAHAMAS AND THE TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS