Holy Cross 

The Parish of Holy Cross was formed in 1966 by Bishop Bernard Markham, who appointed Fr. Foster B. Pestaina to begin the Parish. The Pestainas, upon arrival from South Long Island took up residence in a rented house on Robinson Road, about half a mile west of Soldier Road. During the first week, the living and dining rooms of the house became the Sanctuary, one bedroom became the Sacristy and another bedroom and kitchen became meeting rooms of the new Parish.

Mass was offered for the first time on Sunday, May 22, 1966. The membership of the new Parish soon swelled to the carport and down the driveway of the rented residence. Having purchased 6.5 acres of land the construction of a Rectory and a Church Hall began. The Rectory was the first building to be erected and was blessed by Bishop Bernard Markham on Sunday, May 17, 1967. Bishop Markham also laid the cornerstone of the Parish Hall that same afternoon. The Parish Hall was eventually dedicated on December 10, 1967. Holy Cross grew steadily, both in membership and spiritually. Fr. Pestaina was transferred to Christ the King Parish in Freeport. He left Holy Cross on May 31, 1971, and was succeeded by Fr. Neil Roach who became Rector of Holy Cross Parish on July 1, 1971.

Fr. Roach very soon proved to be a vibrant successor as he immediately began expanding on the spiritual foundation started by Fr. Pestaina. The construction of the Parish Church Building became the task of Fr. Roach and with the aid of his dedicated Vestry members, a mortgage was finally secured to construct the Church building.

The construction of the Church building began through the leadership of Fr. Roach and the diligent efforts of the members, on Holy Cross Day, September 14, 1986. The Lord Bishop of the Diocese, The Rt. Reverend Michael H. Eldon, consecrated the Holy Cross Church building. On September 1, 1997, after the retirement of Canon Roach, the Right Reverend Drexel Gomez appointed Reverend Fr. Laish Boyd, Rector of Holy Cross Parish. Fr. Boyd expanded and enhanced the growth of ministries which led to the need to construct the Parish Center.

The cornerstone of the Holy Cross Parish Center was consecrated on Holy Cross Day 2002, by His Grace, the Most Reverend Drexel Gomez, Archbishop of the West Indies and Diocesan Bishop of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. His Grace dedicated the Parish Center on September 19, 2004. In 2006 Fr. Boyd was elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese. He officially left as Rector of Holy Cross on December 31, 2006. Reverend Beryl Higgs was posted as an Assistant Priest and served as Priest-in-Charge until July 2007, when Fr. Norman L. Lightbourne was appointed as the new Rector. Canon Peter Scott now serves as Rector.

Holy Cross 
Soldier Road
Highbury Park New Providence P.O. Box SS-5808
The Bahamas