Community of the Good Shepherd of the West indies

The Community of the Good Shepherd of the West Indies is a contemporary, dispersed Monastic Community situated within the Diocese of the Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands. Embracing the ethos of Anglican spirituality, our community comprises men and women from diverse backgrounds, both lay and ordained, married or single.

At the heart of our community lies a profound commitment to seeking the Sacred through a harmonious blend of traditional Monastic Practices and modern expressions. Rooted in the timeless wisdom of Monasticism, we strive to infuse our spiritual journey with relevance to the contemporary world, fostering inclusivity, compassion, and service.

Our community offers various levels of participation, catering to individuals at different stages of their spiritual journey. Whether you join us as a Friend, Companion, or Oblate or seek to make the profound commitment of professing Monastic Vows, there is a place for you within our community.

Through prayer, study, and service, we endeavour to follow the Shepherd’s Way, nurturing a deep connection with the Divine and one another. We believe in the transformative power of community, where individuals come together to support, uplift, and encourage each other on the path towards spiritual fulfilment.

As we embark on this sacred journey together, we invite you to join us in our quest to embody the love, compassion, and care exemplified by the Good Shepherd. Together, let us seek the Sacred, embrace the Divine, and strive to make a meaningful difference in our world. Welcome to the Community of the Good Shepherd of the West Indies.