Our Faith

We are disciples of Jesus Christ, worshippers of God the Holy —Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and subscribers to the Creeds of the early Church.

In keeping with Anglican theology, our beliefs and practices derive from scripture, reason and tradition. We are Catholic in holding all the Christian faith in its fullness and being part of the one worldwide Church of God.  We are reformed in believing that the Church’s life should be aligned with Scripture and that the Church should only require its members to accept those doctrines to which Scripture bears witness.

We rejoice in the progress on unity made by the ecumenical movement. We seek to remove obstacles to full communion between Christians and gain from the insight and experience of others. We provide a context where people of diverse views on theology and liturgy can live and worship together.

We regard worship as a priority for every Christian. In particular, we see the Holy Communion (the Eucharist) as the primary way church members celebrate their love for God and each other and become renewed as the Body of Christ for mission and service.

We regard worship as a priority for every Christian.

The Book of Common Prayer is a source of unity within the Church and an expression of a liturgical language, traditional and modern, which has captivated people by its beauty and spiritual power over the years.  We see a direct relationship between the language of common prayer and the language of doctrine: the words that church members themselves pray and own become the expression of what the Church itself believes.

We affirm the ancient three-fold ministry of bishops, priests and deacons.  The ordained ministry serves the whole people of God to facilitate and encourage its members in their worship and identify their particular church as baptised Christians.

Ordination to the Diaconate of the Rev'd. Fr. Peter Ferguson