Diocesan Pastoral Care & Counseling Ministry

The Diocesan Pastoral Care & Counselling Ministry serves as a beacon of hope and support within the Anglican Diocese of the Bahamas & the Turks and Caicos Islands. Committed to upholding the values of compassion, healing, and restoration, our ministry comprises three essential divisions: Family Violence Prevention, Family Life Commission, and Prayer & Healing.

Our mission is to provide holistic care and guidance to individuals and families facing various challenges, including family violence, emotional distress, and relational difficulties. Through our diverse programs, initiatives, and partnerships, we strive to nurture resilience, promote healing, and strengthen the fabric of our communities.

What Do We Do

Family Violence Prevention
We work tirelessly to combat family violence through education, intervention, and support services. Our programs empower individuals to break the cycle of violence and build healthy, thriving relationships.

Family Life Commission
We champion the importance of strong family bonds and offer resources and support to strengthen marriages, nurture parent-child relationships, and navigate life’s challenges together.

Prayer & Healing
At the heart of our ministry is the belief in the transformative power of prayer and spiritual healing. We offer prayer ministry training, healing services, and retreats to facilitate spiritual growth and emotional well-being.

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