Pinder, Bethel, and Rolle to be ordained into the Diaconate

By the Grace of God, The Rt. Rev’d. Laish Boyd will ordain to the Holy Order of Deacons John Pinder, Howard Bethel, and Rondeno Rolle. John Pinder will be ordained on Monday, August 28 at Christ the King Church, while Howard Bethel and Rondeno Rolle will be ordained on Thursday, August 31 at St. Andrew’s Church in George Town, Exuma.

These exceptional young men have undertaken years of rigorous training, deep spiritual exploration, and unwavering commitment to their calling. As they take this transformative step forward, let us join hands in celebration and support, enveloping them in our prayers and encouragement.

The diaconate is a sacred and blessed responsibility, one that bridges the sacred and secular, compassionately serving both the spiritual and practical needs of our diverse community. Through their dedication and service, these ordinands will inspire us all to embrace compassion, humility, and love as we journey together on our path of faith.

Mr. Pinder grew up in Christ the King and is the son of Olive and Bruce Pinder. He graduated from Kingsway Academy in 2009. He attended the College of the Bahamas and the University of Toronto and worked at Kingsway Academy and at Rocky Farms Nursery. He is presently pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health. He is a Rotarian and an avid reader and cook.

Mr. Bethel is the son of Barbara and Howard Bethel Sr. He graduated from L.N. Coakley Secondary School in Exuma in 2009. He worked at British American Financial (BAF), Royal Bank of Canada, and Lumina Point Resort, among other engagements before going to seminary. He is a licensed boat captain and certified scuba diver. He is also a Director of the Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership in Exuma.

Mr. Rolle is the son of Perry Brice, the late Carol Brice and Glen Rolle. He graduated from L.N. Coakley Secondary School in 2007. He worked at Scotiabank for 12 years and at Grand Isles Resort, both in Exuma. He is a junkanooer, playing the trumpet for the Crusaders in Exuma and the Valley Boys in New Providence.

The three gentlemen graduated from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Theology and from Codrington College; Mr. Pinder in 2021 and Messrs. Bethel and Rolle in 2023.

The Anglican family welcomes our brothers into ordained ministry, and we pray for each of them and for their families as they make this step forward.