St. Andrew’s Anglican School

In the Southern Bahamas, on the island of Exuma, St. Andrew’s Anglican School, a parochial Preschool, was founded in 1983. The Primary Department was established in 1995, and the Middle School was established in 2002. The school is located on the ground floor of the St. Andrew’s Community Centre in the heart of George Town, Exuma. The ACEA has assisted in the development of the school since 1993. In 2003, the ACEA increased its involvement in the administration of the school.

School Crest: The crest is a shield divided into three sections. One section has a Blue Marlin; the second has the cross of St. Andrew; and the third has the school’s initials in capitals, SAAS.
School Motto: Sapere Aude: Dear To Be Wise
School Hymn: “Jesus Calls us O’er The Tumult”


St. Andrew’s Anglican School
P.O. Box EX-29093
Georgetown, Exuma
P 242-336-4130
F 242-336-2057